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April 3, 2018

Month of Love: White

Scribbled in: Updates — 2:43 pm

What would have been “White” for Month of Love, if not for how certain events played out. At this point, I’m undecided as to whether I would consider it part of the set. I didn’t make this as monochrome as I had the other pieces, and white is a perceived color more-so than it’s actually used in the piece.



I also finally came to realize that my tablet monitor shows everything as more saturated than it really is; which explains why everything I’ve uploaded in the past came out way less saturated than I remember it looking while working. Mystery solved~

March 13, 2018

Month of Love: Yellow

Scribbled in: Updates — 2:54 pm

Month of Love has long passed and we are now in the middle of a snowy March. In light of warmer weather to come, here is my interpretation of “Yellow”. As always, you can view the full image in my art gallery.



I regret that I couldn’t finish the Month of Love challenge in all its entirety within the time-frame of the month. I will still be completing “White” for completion’s sake, despite being past February.


Unfortunately, a very convoluted issue came up with my ISP, which has spanned from my move-in in November until now. Considering how large of a company said ISP is, it has been absolutely stressful and taking a lot more time than I would like resolve everything. Due to the company’s size and how disjointed each department is, trying to find the right people to help you and for everyone to be on the same page is like navigating through a labyrinth.


If everything goes to plan, it SHOULD be resolved towards the end of this month.
In the meantime, please bear with the slow pace of my activity.


February 22, 2018

Month of Love: Red

Scribbled in: Updates — 10:52 am

With the passing of Valentines’ Day and Chinese New Years’, the festivities of this month is primarily doused in the warm hue of red. What the color “red” means is up to you as it stretches over a range of emotions from rage, sensuality, to something more celebratory. For me, it was reminiscent of a poem I roughly drafted up two years ago, regarding my frustration with the contradictions between hedonistic temptations and the expectations of monogamy. Here is an excerpt from “Rabbit Island”.



As of now, “Rabbit Island” remains as a rough draft that will be polished up. Going back into the shadows to fish out of an accumulation of poetry over so long a time, also brought me back to an ongoing desire: in which I finally combine a series of sequential art and my writing into one. There are certain things that writing has done for me that visual art has not, and vice versa. Naturally, I wanted to find a marriage of the two medium which brings me to why I hold illustration in such high regard. Perhaps after I meet the goals that I’ve already set for this year, the part of me that itches to write will have a chance to be brought to life.