Anna Lam

Anna Lam is a Chinese-American fantasy artist, often illustrating under the pseudonym Meritha. Somewhat of a jack of trades, she also creates short animated graphics, designs and tinkers with front-end web development, and enjoys writing. Much of her skill repertoire comes from growing up with a computer and internet since the early 2000s.

Aside from picking up digital art and HTML/CSS at age 8 for the sake of decorating her petpages on Neopets, her art education began at the High School of Art and Design where she studied under a curriculum primarily focused on Cartooning and Animation until 2011. Eventually she decided to hone both the technical and narrative aspects of her art, graduating in 2015 with a BFA in Illustration from the School of Visual Arts.

Much of her writing and imagery is derived from learning about folklore from around the world, an appreciation for Earth’s flora and fauna, and fantastical world creation.

Currently, she is based in the New York metroplitan area and befriending the neighborhood cats.

If you are interested in working with her, please use the form below to get in touch.
Before reaching out, please familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions involved as they differ between personal commissions and freelance commercial work.


For any questions and inquiries (including commission requests), please use the form below to send a message and you will receive a reply as soon as possible. Alternatively, if I don't respond soon enough, you may also send an e-mail to:




Private Commissions


Contact me with specifications for prices.

Is there anything you would be unwilling to draw?

I won't work on:

anything sexually explicit

caricatures of real people

political themes

Sexual themes are okay, but would need to be on a case-by-case basis.

What is a private commission and what does it encompass?

Private commissions differ from freelance commercial work as they are made on request for private usage only and may not be used for commercial purposes. Upon requesting artwork on the basis of a private commission, the client agrees that neither client nor artist shall alter or distribute commissioned work for resale and commercial purposes. The buyer agrees to not remove the artist credit which may be in the form of a subtle watermark or signature.

The artist will retain their copyrights to the image. Due to the personal nature of such commissions, the artist agrees that anything defined as a personal commission will only be reproduced or displayed for their portfolio or self-promotional purposes.

Upon first payment, you are agreeing by the terms stated in this page. There are no refunds.

What information must I provide to request a commission?

Please select from one the commission type options listed above! Do provide as much information as you can, regarding the appearance of a character / scene that you want to convey / etc depending on the nature of the chosen commission.

What is the process for personal commissions?

First Phase: All work starts with a preliminary sketch that is sent to the client. The client must respond with any revisions that are needed at this stage. The client will receive an invoice for half of the commission price which must be paid before proceeding.

Second Phase: A work-in-progress image is sent to the client for further revision.

Third Phase: The final draft is released to the client with a final revision available. After approval, the client will receive an invoice for the rest of the commission price. Client will receive the completed image and all work-in-progress images related to the commission without earlier obstructive watermarks.

The artist retains the right to keep their watermarks on the images until the commission is paid in full. Work will proceed only when the client reviews all work-in-progress drafts sent during the process and specifies any revisions necessary. Additional revisions beyond the periods of revision already provided at each stage will incur a fee, relative to the complexity of the revision.

Commercial Freelance Work


Please email me details about what kind of work you'd be interested in, for a quote. Keep in mind that it will be further determined by the number of rights desired by the client, duration of said licenses, and other factors that will also affect the total price quote.

Is there anything you would be unwilling to draw?

It's the same as my private commissions.

What is classified as freelance commercial work?

Any work that is requested for commercial purposes and requires usage licenses are classified as freelance commercial work.

The artist will always retain their copyrights to the image. The only exception would be a rare case in which the client buys out all exclusive rights for work involving their already copyrighted character, or the artist agrees to a work-for-hire contract while working for a studio. Such a case must be mutually agreed upon by both client and artist via written agreement. All work is contracted and there are no refunds.

What information must I provide to request a commission?

To ensure a more accurate price quote, please provide:

Your name / company and contact information

A description of what you have in mind

Uses of the work and duration of desired licenses

Size and Format of the Work


What else is important that I should know?

All terms for freelance work will be found in my agreement, so please read it! This will be provided after our discussion.