Back from the Digital Grave

Anyone whom tried to visit the website in the last few months would have noticed that they were unable. Unfortunately, the server under my last host finally went out, trapping my files with it. DespiteĀ a combination of awkward timing and attempting to locate my most recent backup files, alas, it has risen from the dead.


Now, to repost lost things and get up to speed. A preview of something I did which will be revealed in the future.

Earlier in January, Kittykind also released its calendar for 2017.

…with superhero kitties!

Not sure if they’re still up for sale but if you have the time and you’re in New York, feel free to visit at the Union Square Petco! I will not be there in person as my work schedule no longer allows me time to volunteer as I’ve used to. However, sales are a $20 donation to a no-kill non-profit shelter. I spared you the sight of my furry roommate Jack cleaning his butt.


If you snag a copy, you will find my work on Franklyn the Bionicat.
In addition to the illustration in the calendar, you will also find a previous illustration I did of Franklyn in my gallery. Although it did not make it into the calendar, it may or may not be available as prints in the future.



Lastly, I finally picked up my cards from the Jukebox Print free cards giveaway.


I got the 16pt silk matte cards.

They have a nice smooth finish on good sturdy stock. You are given the option to have them shipped or if accessible, arrange for pickup at their office. I chose the latter which led me to a quaint little space, decorated with whimsical prints. Prompt service, friendly staff with a chill atmosphere; nothing to complain about with my experience.


I also watched their livestream earlier and they have some really cool options to choose from (like actual handset type). They certainly do a lot more than just cards so check them out.


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