“I Can’t Breathe” Coming Soon

Preview of "I Can't Breathe" Comic (Anna Lam)


Well that was quite the long hiatus. I come back with a preview of “I Can’t Breathe”; a little comic I drew for Rosemary Zine. It accompanies my poem which uses my current allergy symptoms as an allegory for toxic relationships. The zine will feature many other lovely ladies exploring the relationship between humans and plants, and will be up for grabs sometime in July!


Otherwise, how are you handling the spring season and it’s plant babies? At the very moment, half of my face looks like it’s about to morph into a toad but that’s moreso due to dental surgery. I hope for a speedy recovery so that I can crack down on the many things I want to work on; including an upcoming show that may be in the Salmagundi Art Club. So far, I’ve knocked off most of the medical errands I needed to do for the year so I’m quite set. Even when you’re busy, always remember to take care of your health.

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