Inktober and Upcoming Web Store

Alas, Inktober has come. The spooks have found their way onto the shelves and everyone is preparing for brisk air, fiery foliage, and inky visual delights. Yet, heat still permeates the air and other responsibilities are in need of my attention. As such, I cannot indulge in the prompts as I would like and Inktober will yet again be pushed aside. However, quite some time has passed since my last update. It was less than two months ago when my birthday came on August 21st and a part of the world was momentarily overtaken by the darkness of an eclipse.


Quite similarly, my craft was also in a state of its own eclipse during those past months. In some effort of preservation, I managed to find whatever minimal time as I may to salvage it among pieces of scrap paper and pen. As I cannot participate in this year’s Inktober, I suppose what I have done below during this past year will be my celebration of it.


Meanwhile, I am also in the process of making product designs in preparation to launch a web store in the coming future.
When things die down, be prepared for an onslaught of sharks and bones! Here’s one of the first.



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