Month of Love: Yellow

Month of Love has long passed and we are now in the middle of a snowy March. In light of warmer weather to come, here is my interpretation of “Yellow”. As always, you can view the full image in my art gallery.



I regret that I couldn’t finish the Month of Love challenge in all its entirety within the time-frame of the month. I will still be completing “White” for completion’s sake, despite being past February.


Unfortunately, a very convoluted issue came up with my ISP, which has spanned from my move-in in November until now. Considering how large of a company said ISP is, it has been absolutely stressful and taking a lot more time than I would like resolve everything. Due to the company’s size and how disjointed each department is, trying to find the right people to help you and for everyone to be on the same page is like navigating through a labyrinth.


If everything goes to plan, it SHOULD be resolved towards the end of this month.
In the meantime, please bear with the slow pace of my activity.


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