Sculpting Clay Muffet

Here comes some loooong overdue blog posts in the next couple of days.
Since I last updated, the past months have been spent tending to real life issues (particularly working and seeking further employment). At some point, I suggested that my boyfriend try his hands at sculpting with polymer clay. I was curious about playing with it as well, considering I’ve seen some neat things being sold online. I figured that I might try practicing with it, given the possibility that I might put it to use in my web store later on.

Of course, I attempted to make Muffet from Undertale because spider girlsss. If you haven’t played it, it’s a really charming game. Huge emphasis on “tried” because I’ve never been too great at making 3-D, so I didn’t expect her to be amazing. Since my craftsmanship was quite rough, she was difficult to paint.

In the time I made her, my boyfriend made several little monsters for a monster collecting idea that he’s been brainstorming. We’ve taped several concepts on his wall but I will wait until I have a good camera on hand before I post them.

Also, I’ve finished redesigning my business card and I’m in the process of waiting until they’re shipped to see how they’ve printed. Until then, I’ll post my tunnel book from senior year since I find it relevant to my attempt at something new. This post might sound somewhat mechanical because I’m feeling under the weather at the moment. Unfortunately, the things I’m dealing with persist but I will try my best to update more frequently as opposed to the past two months.

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