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Website Revamp Incoming
Posted on Friday February 01, 2019

Hello, friends. This website will be undergoing a rehaul this year.The art section will continue to be updated, as usual.For updates, please check out my social media! Instagram: @meowithaTwitter: merithaLAM […]

[Courtesy of Meritha - Fantasy by Anna Lam]

“I Can’t Breathe” Coming Soon
Posted on Thursday May 10, 2018

  Well that was quite the long hiatus. I come back with a preview of “I Can’t Breathe”; a little comic I drew for Rosemary Zine. It accompanies my poem which uses […]

[Courtesy of Meritha - Fantasy by Anna Lam]

Month of Love: White
Posted on Tuesday April 03, 2018

What would have been “White” for Month of Love, if not for how certain events played out. At this point, I’m undecided as to whether I would consider it part […]

[Courtesy of Meritha - Fantasy by Anna Lam]